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Mariëlle was born on 6 December 1974, where she grew up in a small village and played in the forest everyday.

Since she was 18 years old, she has been travelling by herself to enjoy  and learn from nature and different cultures.
She has studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and graduated there in 2000, Cum Laude.

At the Design Academy she was already encouraged a lot to also continue with photography.

Since 2000 she has been working as an independant designer, photographer and consultant.

As a photographer Mariëlle finds it very important that the message of the product/ photo is clear. It is important to make esthetic photo’s. Unless manipulated, everything should be correct and should look as natural as possible. I can supply you with unique, realistic and, above all, creative images.

I am specialised in photopatterns. I am well-known for my high quality surfacepatterns which can be repeated endlessly in a realistic and natural way and are used for many surfaces.
I have the biggest assortment of photopatterns and are used to work custommade for retail, architects, hotels, companies, etc.
If you are looking for a special unique photo/pattern, just let me know.

Nature is the source of our inspiration and everything, every design idea finds it’s origin in nature.
Nature is reflected throughout Mariëlle’s work.
It is very important to show and teach about the necessity to preserve nature. This is Mariëlle’s mission. We have to know how to live with nature again. It is the only true thing. We are nature!

Mariëlle also works as an experience designer. She researches by means of film and photography which results in reliable and often surprising results. The camera can’t lie!
Mariëlle can assist you in translating this research in new innovative and sustainable products/ services.

For prices business as well as private photography, design and research, please contact me and I can make you a personal quote.

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